RAR to ZIP Converter

Easily turn one popular type of file archive into the other


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  • Works under: Windows 8
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Ever downloaded a compressed file in RAR and not used WinRAR or another software that could read that format? That's a common problem for people because RAR files are more rare than your standard ZIP files, which means that you sometimes have to jump through hoops to make the most of it. With the RAR to ZIP Converter, you can do just as the name implies. You can transform your RAR file into a ZIP format, and you can select a RAR file that you want to convert and define the level of compression that you want for that ZIP file. In some cases, you might need a password, but that will depend on the file.

After you have clicked the convert button, you may have to wait for a few minutes before you see the new ZIP file. With this system, you can switch your file's format much faster. The biggest thing that stops the RAR to ZIP Converter is that it has an incredibly outdated layout that is bogged down with add-ons and programs that aren't needed. If you avoid that issue; however, the RAR to ZIP Converter otherwise does a fantastic job.

The installment can be a huge hassle as well. Be forewarned, when you first attempt to install this program, you will be sent four different toolbars and add-on programs, and if you do not select "Opt-out," it will take you to the browser where it changes your homepage and adds these obnoxious toolbars. The program itself, RAR to ZIP, unfortunately has a blocky and outdated look that takes us into a time machine back to the Windows XP. The developers never updated it, but file conversions never took longer than a minute in testing. Even when converting a larger file, it did not take long to convert.

To save space in your hard drive, you can increase the compression level. While the RAR to ZIP Converter does not offer much to look at, and you have a ton of traps in the installation, the software itself does an adequate job of converting your files. You just have to know how to dodge the add-ons. In terms of performance, it is difficult to find a RAR to ZIP file converter that will do a better job. This converter can flip your files impressively fast and it has power where it matters.

Even if you already have a file converter for RAR to ZIP, you may want to check this one out. It can handle the process easily, and even if you have a do-it-all archive tool, the speed and ease that the RAR to ZIP Converter translates files is incredible. It becomes your go-to solution for those everyday tasks.


  • Lightning-fast file conversion
  • Does exactly what it says
  • Define the level of compression to save hard drive space


  • Painful installation process
  • No advanced features
  • No support for drag and drop
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